Libraries now available on 'ASoundEffect'!

Some of my sound libraries have now gone up over on the website '', so feel free to check them out there for alternative payment methods, as well as a discounted bundle! Libraries available on 'ASoundEffect': -"Wooden Fence, Destruction" -"Piano, Mallet FX" -"Piano, Mallet Strikes" -"Piano, Mallet Strikes and FX" (Discounted Bundle!) To celebrate this, these libraries will be 20-25% off until Sunday 23rd July!

New SFX Library: "InspectorJ's Freesound Library"

I've released a new sound library that comes with 230 of my most popular Freesound uploads, an attribution-free license for all of my current and future Freesound uploads, along with 176 bonus sounds that were previously unreleased - all for only £5! -"InspectorJ's Freesound Library" (406 sounds, 940MB) - Read more If you would prefer to not have to give attribution to ‘InspectorJ’ if you use one of my sounds in a commercial project, or if you are feeling charitable, then this sound library is for you! With over 400 sounds for only £5 you get a royalty-free, attribution-free license to all of my current Freesound uploads, as well as several bonus sounds I have included here as an extra thank

The 'C List' - 2013

The 'Chronological List' - a sort of compositional blog for my own projects - is underway! Feel free to ​​read about it over here. ​​ I have just included all of my 2013 compositions, writing some context behind why I wrote them alongside the original scores and recordings: (Note: Since the 2013 list was published I have added 2 new pieces before 2013 which means that the numbers listed here should be increased by 2.) -C.25 - "Fantasia and Fugue in Bb Major" -C.26 - "Sing Praise to Him" -C.27 - "The Star will rise once more" -C.28 - "Book 2 - Melody No.1 - F" -C.29 - "Book 2 - Melody No.2 - Bb" -C.30 - "Book 2 - Melody No.3 - Eb" -C.31 - "Small Fantasia and Fugue in G Minor" -C.32 - "If only

New SFX Libraries: "Piano, Mallet Strikes and FX" and "Wooden Fence, Destruction&quot

My first professional sound libraries have been released, feel free to check them out here: -"Piano, Mallet FX" (509 sounds, 1.4GB) - Read more -"Piano, Mallet Strikes" (463 sounds, 1.3GB) - Read more -"Wooden Fence, Destruction" (519 sounds, 223MB) - Read more Have you ever dreamt of attacking a piano with a metal mallet? Dream no more! This collection of sounds brings you 509 FX sounds of various scrapes, hits and glissandos across the piano strings with a metal mallet, offering significant number of variations. Every sound was recorded at 96KHz/24-bit stereo. So go ahead and fulfil your dream! Listen to an audio sample: READ MORE! Recorded at 96KHz/24-bit stereo, this collection of sounds

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