New SFX Library: "Hidden Voices: Bodyboard"

For anyone curious about the little contest I ran to guess what the new library could be, well this is what it was - a polystyrene bodyboard! This new library, entitled "Hidden Voices: Bodyboard" gives you 1,000 unique sounds that were created entirely from a bodyboard. From 11 styles of creature vocalization to computer sounds, this library is definitely something to check out if you want to spice up your sound palette. And it's only £10 for 1,000 sounds - and with a 10% discount until next week! (Ends 18th September 2017) -"Hidden Voices: Bodyboard" (972 sounds, 2.71GB) - Read more! How many sounds can you create with a polystyrene bodyboard? Well, here’s 1,000 to get you started! ​ This c

New 44.1KHz/16-bit versions of sound libraries!

I have just finished uploading new download-friendly versions of my "Piano" sound libraries. They are still the awesome sounds you are used to, the only differences are: -Sample Rate: 96KHz to 44.1KHz -Bit Depth: 24-bit to 16-bit -Download Size: Very Large to Very Small! The download sizes of these new versions have been significantly reduced, so for those of you out there with slower internet speeds, limited data, or if your project is already working at 44.1KHz, then check out these new versions! -"Piano, Mallet Strikes and FX" (972 sounds, 612MB - size down by 77%) - Read more! -"Piano, Mallet Strikes" (463 sounds, 274MB - size down by 79%) - Read more! -"Piano, Mallet FX" (509 sounds, 1.

New SFX Library: "Piano, Mallet Strikes and FX"

I've released a bundle library that gives you both "Piano, Mallet Strikes" and "Piano, Mallet FX" at a discounted price of £30 as opposed to the £40 you would pay if you purchased each individually. This brings you a total of 972 exciting piano-related sounds! -"Piano, Mallet Strikes and FX" (972 sounds, 2.71GB) - Read more! Have you ever dreamt of attacking a piano with a metal mallet? Dream no more! ​ This collection of sounds is a discounted bundle of two libraries – “Piano, Mallet FX” and “Piano, Mallet Strikes” – to give you 509 FX sounds of various scrapes, hits and glissandos across the strings, as well as 463sampler-based mallet strikes creating five full samplers that you can map to

Guess the Library. Get the Library (for free!)

UPDATE: This contest is now closed! The library was: "Hidden Voices: Bodyboard" I have a new sound library on the horizon and thought it might good fun to have a little guessing game on what you think it might be. Now, now, before you begin shouting "Well, that's not fair - it could be anything!" let me leave you some clues and hints: 1) A blurred image with a question mark covering the details! Does this silhouette suggest anything? 2) And here are some audio snippets - what squeaky material makes a sound like that? What could 'BB' stand for? :O Take your guesses either via the comments below, or just contact me directly. I'll announce the winner as soon as someone guesses correctly (or nea

1000 sounds - "InspectorJ's Freesound Library" Updated!

I've updated "InspectorJ's Freesound Library" from 406 sounds (940MB) all the way to 1000 sounds (2.85GB), so now you get an even more extensive palette of high-quality sounds! -"InspectorJ's Freesound Library" (1000 sounds, 2.85GB) - Read more From ambiences, bamboo swings and door squeaks to spaceships, thunder and water swirls, this library consists of an extensively diverse selection of high-quality sounds recorded from across the world. With 1000 sounds for only £10 (that's 1p per sound!) you get a royalty-free, attribution-free license to all of my current and future Freesound uploads, as well as several bonus sounds I have included here as an extra thank you for your support. I

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