The 'C List' - 2014

The 'Chronological List' - a sort of compositional blog for my own projects - is underway! Feel free to ​​read about it over here. ​​ I have just included all of my 2014 compositions, writing some context behind why I wrote them alongside the original scores and recordings: -C.51 - "Book 2 - Melody No.6 - Gb" -C.52 - "Sports Advert" -C.53 - "Fugue in Bb Major" -C.54 - "Chorus No.3 - Messiah" -C.55 - "Fugue in G Minor" -C.56 - "(Unfinished) The Rise of the Machines" -C.57 - "Village Theme #1" -C.58 - "Village Theme #2" -C.59 - "Village Theme #3" -C.60 - "Winter Theme #1" -C.61 - "Winter Theme #2" -C.62 - "Heat Theme #1" -C.63 - "March Theme #1" -C.64 - "Opening Fanfare" -C.65 - "Ambience No.1

New SFX Library: "Toilet Flush"

How many different toilet flushing sounds can you think of? The imaginatively titled "Toilet Flush" gives you 111 unique flushing sounds from regular toilets, urinals, trains and planes with multiple variations (lid up, lid down, close, distant) and over 50 minutes of refilling cycles! It is available in two versions: 44.1kHz/16-bit, and 96kHz/24-bit, both for £9.99. Or alternatively, you can purchase the 96kHz/24-bit library over at! -"Toilet Flush" (111 sounds, 1.92GB) - Read more! From toilets to urinals, trains to planes, this library explores the many different flushing sounds that can be heard in American and European bathrooms.​ The flushes were recorded in several va

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