New SFX Library: "Abstract Spaceships"

What sort of spaceship sounds can you create without using sounds of jet plane recordings? My latest and largest library yet, "Abstract Spaceships" gives you a few strange but realistic methods, with 840 spaceship-related sounds ranging from flybys, lift-offs, landings - all centered and entirely devoid of reverb to give you the greatest possible control. It is available in two versions: 44.1kHz/16-bit, and 96kHz/24-bit, both for £19.99. Or alternatively, you can purchase the 96kHz/24-bit library over at! -"Abstract Spaceships" (840 sounds, 3.27GB) - Read more! What sort of sci-fi spaceship sounds can you create without using jet plane recordings? Here are a few options!​ Th

The 'C List' - 2015

The 'Chronological List' - a sort of compositional blog for my own projects - is underway! Feel free to ​​read about it over here. ​​ I have just published all of my 2015 compositions which begin to revolve around my time at the University of Surrey. I have written some context behind why I wrote them alongside the original scores and recordings. Feel free to wander around: -C.71 - "Instrumental Writing" -C.72 - "Allegro in D" -C.73 - "Postcard Composition" -C.74 - "Mirrors" -C.75 - "This is just to say" -C.76 - "(Unfinished) Discovery" -C.77 - "A Night Thought" -C.78 - "The Parting Glass (Arrangement)" -C.79 - "Adventures in Wonderland - Chapter 1 (Partial)" -C.80 - "Unexpected Song (Arrang

New SFX Bundle: "2017 Bundle"

Update: This is the old version of the library. Feel free to check the later blog post with the updated version. Well, 2017 is over, and to celebrate, here is a heavily discounted bundle of the 5 sound effects libraries I created during 2017. My largest library yet at 2,600+ sounds for just £39.99, it is quite the beefy collection of strange piano sounds, wooden destruction, toilet flushes, and hidden squeaks of a bodyboard - a bizarre combination of sounds at a price found nowhere else! -"2017 Library" (2,602 sounds, 1.53GB) - Read more! A bundle that includes 5 sound effects libraries that I created in 2017, which are: 1) Piano, Mallet Strikes (463 sounds) 2) Piano, Mallet FX (509 sounds)

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