New SFX Library: "44.1 General Library (Volume I)"

To end the year off, one more final sound effects library - the first volume of an expanding general sound effects series! This library brings you 1,000 hand-picked general sound effects (1.8GB) from my personal library of field recordings and designed sounds over the past few years. Each volume in the series brings you 1,000 general sound effects at 44.1kHz and 16/24-bit stereo recordings. Some categories in this first volume include: ​ Volume I: 80+ Seamless Loops 8-bit: Explosions, Hits, Lasers, Power Up Airplanes: A380, B777-300, CRJ900, Fly-bys Ambiences: Wildlife (Day and Night), Crowds, Insects, Vehicles, etc. Animals: Birds, Dogs, Cats, Horses Doors: Squeaks, Shuts, Opens, Handle Mov

Sound Libraries now available in USD!

Do you live in America? Are you scared of currency conversion fees? Fear no more! All of my sound libraries are now also available in USD ($) as opposed to simply GBP (£)! Simply click the little black dot beneath the purchase table to switch between currencies: ↓

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