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C.108 - "Calm Synthesizer C"

Composed: 19th December 2016

    Akin to “C.97” and “C.99”, this is another experiment with synthesizers, utilizing mainly Native Instrument’s “Massive” synthesizer.

    The harmonic progression is another simple one:

  • A minor 9

  • E Phrygian 11

  • F major 11

  • G major dominant 7 add 6

     To be slightly different to the previous two experiments, this one introduced a new voice with each loop of the above progression. The result is a slow decoration of the opening melody, which was partially influenced by the opening of "Gibral Castle" from the video game, "Blue Dragon". The track itself can be found and downloaded on Freesound.

Reminiscence written on 28th July 2019

Last updated: 19th August 2019

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