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C.67 - "Battle Theme #1"

Composed: ~October to November 2014

     This theme was one of the earliest video game themes I had started (with its material being born out of the 'Chase' segment from "C.64 - Opening Fanfare" likewise to the previous "C.66"), but it took a while to finish. It is a "Battle Theme" in a JRPG sense in that the theme will play during an encounter with a monster, such as in 'Golden Sun'  which I was most familiar with.

     Although the material in "C.64" was entitled 'Chase', I figured the material was very suitable to become a "Battle Theme", and this piece is the (surprisingly effective) result. This piece is one of my few early pieces that I still really enjoy; aside from the opening material from "C.64's" 'Chase' segment, it is harmonically interesting, it contains a wonderfully rhythmic ostinato in the strings, and there is an excellent blend of instrumental colour as the melody jumps between the brass, winds and strings. It is an all-round acceptable piece (for once!).

     This was also one of the first pieces that I used to test out my new EastWest sample libraries I bought in the same month I completed this piece, so perhaps the natural excitement I had when creating the recording has contributed to my continued liking of this piece. But hey, that's not a bad thing – I just hope that I might find a use for this piece one day as there is a lot of exciting material here.

     In 2019, I re-purposed this composition into a video track for my music library, "RPG Orchestral Essentials", giving it a proper title - "A Fight in the Fields".

Reminiscence written on 19th July 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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