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New SFX Libraries: "Piano, Mallet Strikes and FX" and "Wooden Fence, Destruction&quot

My first professional sound libraries have been released, feel free to check them out here:

-"Piano, Mallet FX" (509 sounds, 1.4GB) - Read more

-"Piano, Mallet Strikes" (463 sounds, 1.3GB) - Read more

-"Wooden Fence, Destruction" (519 sounds, 223MB) - Read more


Have you ever dreamt of attacking a piano with a metal mallet? Dream no more!

This collection of sounds brings you 509 FX sounds of various scrapes, hits and glissandos across the piano strings with a metal mallet, offering significant number of variations. Every sound was recorded at 96KHz/24-bit stereo.

So go ahead and fulfil your dream!

Listen to an audio sample:


Recorded at 96KHz/24-bit stereo, this collection of sounds brings you 463 sampler-based metal mallet strikes creating five full samplers that you can map to create your own samplers. As opposed to playing the piano normally, these sounds were created by striking the string with a metal mallet, creating a harsher attack. The five different samplers offer you a wide variety of durations:

  • Damped instantly (84 sounds; five octaves)

  • Damped after 1 second (97 sounds; seven octaves)

  • Damped after 2 seconds (97 sounds; seven octaves)

  • Damped after 5 seconds (88 sounds; six octaves)

  • Sustained fully (97 sounds; seven octaves)

Listen to an audio sample:


519 sounds of various snaps, drops, scrapes and impacts created by venting anger on a large wooden fence panel. 471 of the sounds were recorded at 44.1KHz/24-bit stereo and the remaining 48 were recorded at 44.1KHz/16-bit stereo. Ideal for any destructive sound!

Listen to an audio sample:


And download free samples over here!

I am striving to create affordable libraries, and so each library is priced at only £20 for around 500 sounds per library (about 4p per sound!)

As these are my first sample libraries, I am incredibly appreciative for any feedback as to how I can improve on any future libraries I might create, so do please drop me a comment or contact me!

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