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New SFX Library: "Hidden Voices: Flexatone"

Aaaaand the result of the "Guess the Library. Get the Library" - the object that created the sounds was a Flexatone!

A bit on the unconventional side, I'd say, but it works wonders in creating voices due to its pliable nature allowing effortless control of the pitch contour.

This library brings you 2,000 sounds entirely created by a flexatone (1.25GB), with 4 distinct vocal styles suitable for creatures such as aliens, robots, machines, or sentient computers! Each vocal style has over 450 variations, and over 15 varying emotional sounds - plenty to go around!

It is available in two versions: 44.1kHz/16-bit, and 96kHz/24-bit, both for £19.99. You can purchase the 96kHz/24-bit library on my site, or over at!

And further, this library is also included in my 2018 Black Friday sales - so you can enjoy 30% off until the sale ends on 31st November!

A free taster pack is also available for you to download HERE.

-"Hidden Voices: Flexatone" (2000 sounds, 1.25GB) - Read more!


On the eternal search for new sounds, here is a hefty collection of creature voices created solely through the use of a metal flexatone.

This collection brings you 2,000 original sounds at 96kHz/24-bit stereo offering 4 distinct styles of vocalization prepared to breathe life into your creatures, whether they be alien or machine. Each style has over 450 variations covering over 15 different emotions such as “arguing”, “sad”, “scared”, “excited”, “laugh”, “question” and general “talking”. These 4 vocal styles are:

  1. “Voice A”: The untouched raw voice created by the flexatone, perfect for metallic creatures! (0:55-1:12 in the audio example)

  2. “Voice B”: A slightly deeper voice with additional upper harmonics for a sci-fi aesthetic, ideal for futuristic machines! (0:02-0:13 in the audio example)

  3. “Voice C”: A more mature voice with some throaty quivering, suitable for many alien creatures! (0:16-0:32 in the audio example)

  4. “Voice D”: A brighter, lively, child-like voice perfect for younger, smaller creatures! (0:35-0:52 in the audio example)

In addition to these 4 extensive voices, there are also over 150 traditional flexatone sounds such as the iconic comedic “boing” found in classic cartoons, as well as shakes, flicks, rises, falls and quivers!

Note: The sounds in the audio example have some panning added; the sounds in the library itself are entirely centred.

Listen to an audio sample:

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