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New SFX Library: "UI - Mechanical"

After going on a recording spree, I've fused several of the sounds together to create a powerful user interface library with a mechanical aesthetic - do check it out!


This library brings you 350 intricately designed user interface sounds with a mechanical aesthetic, recorded at 96kHz/24-bit stereo. These sounds were crafted from various machines, clockwork, buttons and switches alongside several other gadgets and tools. The library covers 10 UI categories, including:

  • Cancel: A cancellation sound useful for backing out of a selection, or returning to a previous page.

  • Confirm: A confirmation selection sound (more intense and fancier than the "Select" sounds) useful for a final confirmation or selection.

  • Error: A negative error alert useful for a problem or issue.

  • Loading: A loopable sound for a mechanical device that is loading, processing or analysing.

  • Move: The quick, small movement sound as you move between different options in a menu or list.

  • Notification: A notification alert useful for popups and messages.

  • Select: A simpler selection sound for general confirmation and selections.

  • Text Scroll: A loopable sound to accompany the scrolling of dialogue in a conversation or upon reading text.

  • Turning Off: A turning off or shutting down of a machine or device.

  • Turning On: A turning on or booting up of a machine or device.

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