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C.1 - "Free"

Composed: ~April to July 2010

     Now this is one of uncertainty. My first, and arguably most tedious composition, this piece originated before the end of July 2010 during my third year at secondary school – the academic “Year 9” as it is called in the United Kingdom. This was the last academic year in which Music was a compulsory module for all students, and the final task saw students writing their own popular song, either in groups or on their own.


     Originally, I was in a group but I later found myself writing a song alone entitled “Free”. The sole material I can recall has been given here, and all else I can remember is that it involved synthesizers (which at the time I was largely inexperienced at, and still am to some degree!) strings and lyrics sung by myself. I do shamefully remember recording the lyrics by singing to the webcam of my laptop.


     I originally labelled this one as C.0, for several reasons; foremost, there is hardly any of it remaining aside from the material in the video above, and I had forgotten about it by the time this list was well under way. But keeping the list chronological, it seemed logical to place it at 0 – particularly as it was my first complete composition, albeit lost and vastly different from where my compositions would go in the future. Nevertheless, I ultimately promoted it to 1st spot on 5th June 2017 after restructuring this list. Congrats, C.1!

Reminiscence written on 6th May 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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