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Commissions are currently: PARTIALLY CLOSED
(~6 month queue; currently tackling 3+ soundtracks)

Commissions for:

  • Solo Singers

  • Vocal Ensembles

  • Church Choirs

  • Other Combinations



Commissions for:

  • Short Films

  • Documentaries

  • Adverts

  • Other Media



Commissions for:

  • Solo Instruments

  • Chamber Ensembles

  • Orchestras

  • Other Combinations



Commissions for:

  • Video Games

  • Apps

  • Other Media




Allugic Logo PNG.png

Dominic (Allugic LLC)
Video Game Commissions (2021 - 2024):

I approached Jonathan because his samples were exactly the sound I was looking for with my current project. The experience of working with Jonathan was beyond anything I could expect.


Not only did he provided AAA music for my project but it turned into an amazing learning experience working with a professional of his calibre. He provided many samples to choose from with each requested track and exceeded expectations for each revision delivered.


This is absolutely money well spent and he will be the first musician I come to when I need music for future projects.

matthew_smol_Copyright Mary Grace Long Photography.jpg

Matthew Buscemi
Developer / Writer
Video Game Commissions (2022 - 2024):

Jonathan Shaw took all of my descriptions of environments, of moods, of themes, of ideas for the kind of story I wanted to tell, the kind of game I wanted to build, and he made those a musical reality. He was wonderful to work with, providing me drafts along the way and asking for my feedback.

In all technical and interpersonal senses, Jonathan was wonderful to work with. But on top of that, Jonathan achieved something else extraordinary. I felt as though he really understood the atmosphere and tone of the story I wanted to tell, and he expressed that understanding through music. Synergy like that doesn't happen every day.

I'm so glad I chose Jonathan Shaw for my game's soundtrack!

Image © Mary Grace Long Photography

Cubiest Logo PNG.png

Benjamin Lösch (Cubiest GmbH)

Video Game Commissions (2021):

Jonathan’s a joy to work with, open to criticism and doesn’t shy away from trying new things:

Vertical adaptive music was a new experience for both parties, and together we dived into its practical usage for our project and found a way to realize our goals within our technological limitations.

Through our continuous communication we could nail the compositions needed to push the quality of the game to a higher level.

Man Playing Guitar

Rob Davy
Composer / Performer / Producer
Additional String Material Commissions (2018 - 2024):

Came across Jonathan via a music download site, thought I’d try out his skills on one of my tracks and was pleasantly surprised. Very quick turnaround with a great ear for sound. Have recommended his talents for sure.

Piano Keyboard

Christopher Mach
Transcription / Arrangement Commissions (2021 - 2022):

Jonathan has on multiple occasions provided me with amazing high quality transcriptions and arrangements.

I initially found his Fire Emblem arrangements on YouTube and approached him with a commission on a complex piece that he was able to do quickly and easily.

Every dollar spent on his services is well worth the money and he will be the first person I go to whenever I need his assistance as a musician.

Outdoor Band

Transcription Commissions (2019 - 2020):

Jonathan has continuously provided transcription services that are both accurate and consistently high quality. I would recommend his services because once he begins a task he delivers without any room for disappointment.


Carrie Wood (Quick Save)
Arrangement Commissions (2021 - 2022):

Jonathan has crafted incredible arrangements for Quick Save on multiple occasions, and has been so easy to work with throughout the entire process. He has a knack for adding just the right kind of flourishes to make arrangements unique while still staying true to the source material. We honestly can’t wait to work with him again in the future!


Oleg Zekharskiy (ViolinGamer)
Violinist / YouTuber / Twitch Streamer / Composer
Transcription / Arrangement Commissions (2020 - 2021):

Jonathan is an outstanding and incredible composer, arranger and transcriber, and the best one I've worked with by a long shot.

I admired his work some months ago when I found some of his Pokémon arrangements on YouTube, and started following him right away.


I decided to commission him on a really difficult transcription of Lord of the Castle from Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind, and the result really blew me away. It's an extremely complex piece with a lot of parts and he nailed everything. I look forward to commissioning Jonathan again in the near future.


Please consider supporting this awesome person!

Musician Silhouette

Arrangement Commission (with HQ Recording) (2022):

Theme of JuriFukusawa, arr. J.Shaw
00:00 / 00:30

Jonathan did a really good work with the Theme of Juri, exactly what I wanted and quickly, 7 days from the start to the moment I got the final version.

Maybe a bit expensive for me, but I'm sure I wouldn't have this quality from a cheaper artist. Moreover, he kept me informed of each progression he made.

If I need a musician for a professional project, I'd ask him without a doubt.

Miran Photo (200x200).jpg

Tsalikian Miran
Composer / Performer
Classical / Arrangement Commissions (2019 - 2020):

Bainw mes st' AbeliMiran Tsalikian arr. JShaw
00:00 / 00:35

Jonathan Shaw is a very talented, multisided and impressive composer and musician. I have been collaborating with him in many projects with an excellent result.

I met Mr. Shaw in the Philippines in 2018 when his piece was selected among more than three hundred international entries to be one of the 10 finalists at the Banaue International Composition Competition where I was one of the finalists too.

I was impressed by his compositional techniques and his creativeness. He is a diligent and disciplined artist with an exceptional character. Easy to work with him!

He has always been dedicated, effective and creative arranger, with an excellent relationship with his colleagues and my collaboration with him has always been excellent.

I am sure Mr. Shaw will be the perfect choice for your project!

Piano Keys

Walter Perdomo / Walter Delacroix
Developer / Video Game Programmer
Video Game Commissions (2018):

An AMAZING composer, very professional, always open to criticism, able to adapt to the limitations of your technology.

Whatever idea you've in mind, either a basic melody played by yourself or made using 8bit composition software, Jonathan will be able to turn it into a great orchestral composition.

A very talented musician with so much to offer. Highly recommended.

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