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Last updated: 21st November 2020

FAQ Version:


What types of projects am I allowed to use these sounds in?

  • You may use the sounds in any project, commercial and non-commercial (films, television, video games, adverts, music, podcasts, stage productions, etc.) except in the creation of further commercial sound libraries, stock materials or products where the sound files can be accessed or are shared.

Can I create backup copies of this sound library?

  • You can create up to two backup copies of the sound library, but only to physical storage devices (e.g. USB stick). This excludes online cloud storage.


Do I have to credit the sound in the credits list of my project?

  • Only if you want to! I do encourage you to drop me a message if you use the library in a project so I can help spread awareness of your work.

Do I have to pay any royalties if I use these sounds in commercial projects?

  • Nope! By purchasing any of these sound libraries or sound effects you are granted a royalty-free license without any further financial payment required.

Can I give these sounds to someone else?

  • Unfortunately not! You are not allowed to give any of the purchased sounds to another person.


Can I upload these sounds to a website, such as

  • Again, I'm afraid not! You cannot upload the raw sounds to another website unless they have been used in combination with other media of some sort (i.e. a film, part of a song, a podcast, and all other similar examples).

I'm a company / school - how can I purchase a multi-seat license?

  • That's not a problem! - To allow the sounds to be used by more than one person, please contact me for special multi-seat license rates with the name of your company / school, the number of seats / users required, and the library / libraries you are interested in.

I have another question, where can I ask?

  • Feel free to contact me here for any further questions!

Full Version:


By purchasing a sound effects product from the website “”, or else where the same product may be found on a platform that does not offer its own End-User License Agreement, the Licensee is accepting the terms and conditions of this End-User License Agreement.

Jonathan Shaw (the “Licensor”) grants the purchaser (the “Licensee”) a worldwide, non-transferable, royalty-free and attribution-free license to use the sound effects and music effects (“Sounds”) under the following conditions:

   1. Rights Granted:

a. The Licensee is granted the rights to use and publicly distribute the purchased Sounds without any requirement for royalties or attribution given to the Licensor, owing that their use has been in combination with at least one other aural or visual medium (such as; film, video, television, music, radio, commercials, documentaries, podcasts, video games, audio books, stage productions, and all other similar mediums).

i.  For exclusions, refer to section 2

b. The Licensee is permitted to make up to two physical backup copies of the purchased Sounds. These backups must be to physical storage devices (e.g. USB flash drive, external hard drive, compact disc, and all other similar physical storage mediums).

i.  Storage mediums that involve the uploading of the Sounds to online storage (e.g. cloud storage and other similar mediums) are not permitted.

    2. Limitations/Restrictions:

a. The Licensee is not permitted to transfer, re-distribute, trade, sell, license, gift, or otherwise similarly give or offer the purchased Sounds to another human individual or organization.

b. The Licensee is not permitted to use the purchased Sounds in the production or creation of other free or commercial sound effects libraries, stock materials or other similar competitive products.

i. You are also not permitted to release the Sounds in any product wherein the exposed Sound files can be accessed and / or used by a third party (including but not limited to; music libraries, soundtrack albums, stock materials, ringtones, digital emails, electronic cards, electronic toys).

    3. Termination:

a. This Agreement will be terminated should the Licensee breach any of the terms set out in this End-User License Agreement.

    4. Liability:

a. The Licensor will not accept responsibility for any losses incurred either directly or indirectly from the use of the purchased Sounds.

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