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Original Soundtracks


Alterium Shift


Developer: Drattzy Games LLC (Official Website)

Publisher: GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd.

Genre: JRPG

Released: 6th July 2023 (Early Access)

Platforms: PC (Steam) // Nintendo Switch (Coming soon!)

     Embark on a journey through the living world of Alteria and experience its dynamic quests, unique turn-based combat, and choice-driven storylines. With three branching narratives and unforgettable characters, Alterium Shift is a retro-inspired JRPG that offers a new adventure with every playthrough.

Alterium Shift OST Preview



Developer: Matt Makes Games LLC (Official Twitter)

Publisher: Matt Makes Games LLC

Genre: JRPG

Released: In development (~2025)

Platforms: PC (Steam) (Coming soon!)

     Artifice is an upcoming JRPG set in the magical world of Allea. Explore two worlds, learn magic spells, defeat digital demons, and save the world with the power of code.

Artifice OST Preview

Guardian's Guide


Developer: Allugic (Official Website)

Publisher: Allugic

Genre: Daughter Raising Simulation RPG

Released: In development (~2024)

Platforms: PC (Coming soon!)

     On the continent of Cel, in the city-state Parcel, you are granted the title of Guardian with the duty of raising a daughter. You must guide her from adolescence to adulthood. Personality, Job training, budgeting, adventuring, bartering, dieting, and many more duties must be fulfilled while she grows. Based on your decisions, she can become a nurse, a theif, a bartender or even….a magical girl.

Guardian's Guide OST Preview

(More unannounced projects coming soon!)

Want custom music for your game?


("Tan-duh") or ("Tee-and-aay")

Transcriptions and Arrangements

     Established in 2016, TandA is a YouTube channel dedicated to making transcriptions & arrangements of various video game music.

Known for its Golden Sun orchestral arrangements, the channel also creates arrangements for other recent franchises, including Fire Emblem, Octopath Traveler, Pokémon, Deltarune, Xenoblade Chroniclesand more!

All arrangements are officially licensed with the original copyright holders, with sheet music & full instrumental parts available to purchase at Musicnotes, and recordings available to stream on Spotify (and other platforms!)

Recent Videos



Virtual Video Game Orchestra

     Established in 2020, the award-winning VVGO is a volunteer-run virtual ensemble providing a musical performance outlet for those whose ensembles & concerts were affected by the pandemic. Even as the world begins to return to normal, VVGO continues to provide a fun and accessible virtual community of musicians from around the world through performing video game music.

Jonathan Shaw currently volunteers on the music preparation team, engraving the sheet music for many of their mainline projects as well as providing additional arrangement.

If you would like to join our orchestra or learn about current opportunities, please join us on Discord!

Some of our projects!

The "C List"

(The "See list")

The "Chronological List"

    My own little compositional blog throughout my years of composition. Every project I have worked on has been given a number in this list (in chronological order) from my earliest compositions of 2010 to more recent works.

The list not only includes original music I wrote, but also transcriptions of other composer's work, educational tasks and unfinished works that were large enough to merit cataloguing.

Each work is accompanied by a short reminiscence - an informal narration that gives context and reflects on how and why I worked on it. Some transcriptions will have short analyses, as well as other useful insights you may find interesting.

The blog is largely discontinued, but will remain online in case anyone finds the analyses and transcriptions particularly useful!

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