Recent Work
Orchestral Music

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (8)"

-May 2017

"The Hills of Banaue"

(feat. TOFARM)

-March 2018

"Monday (Commuting Chaos)"

-August 2018

Chamber Music

"The Arctic Tern"

(feat. Trifarious)

-March 2017

"The Chase"

-June 2019

"Tales of the Aegean Sea"


-July 2019

Video Game Music

"Battle Theme 02"


-December 2019

"Village Theme"


-December 2019

"Boss Theme 02"


-January 2020

Popular Music

"Night Cries"


-June 2015

"Gospel Arrangement"


-October 2016

"Bei Dir"


-September 2017

Musical Theatre
Experimental Music

"Aria (Prologue)"


-April 2017

Screen Music

If you would like me to write some music for you, take a look at my "Commissions" page.

"Dust Buddies"

-April 2018

"Sebastian's Voodoo"

-December 2017

"The Point of Recognition III"

-November 2017

"Evolutions I"

-November 2018


-March 2019

Electronic Music



-March 2018

"A Surrey Soundscape"

-May 2018


-December 2017

"Tantum Ergo"


-October 2019

"Angels We Have Heard On High"

(feat. AllSts.Witley)

-September 2017

"Sleep, Thou Little Child"

(feat. AllSts.Witley)

-October 2019

Choral Music

"Aria (The Strings Have Been Pulled)"

-October 2019

Ambient Music
Library Music

"Ambience No.2"


-November 2019

"Ambience No.3"


-November 2019

"Ambience No.4"


-November 2019

"A Feast of Jollity"

-September 2019

"This Just In"

-October 2019

"Here We Stand"


-September 2019

A Compositional Blog

     Throughout my years of composition, I have assigned all of my major projects a number in this list to denote their chronological order. This list does not only include music that I wrote myself, but it also includes transcriptions I made of other composer's work, educational tasks and unfinished works. For each piece, I provide a "reminiscence"; some narration to give some context and reflection on how and why I wrote it, and in the case of transcriptions, I provide a short analysis of the piece as well as any other useful insights.

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     'TandA' ('Transcriptions and Arrangements') is a YouTube channel I have set up to make transcriptions and arrangements of various video game music.


     As there are so few people making full transcriptions of video game music, I figured I would put my skills to use and transcribe as close as possible to what the original might have been. These scores are then free for anyone to download to use for research, educational and non-commercial purposes.

     The arrangements are where I take a little more creative freedom by orchestrating video game music that may not have previously had an orchestration - essentially updating the original and providing a glimpse into what these scores could potentially sound like if the games were remade. The recordings of these arrangements are free for anyone to download.

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