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Live Sessions are currently: CLOSED
Email Feedback is currently: OPEN

I am available for online tutoring sessions or emails tailored to your needs, whether you want to learn how to write music, you need help with sheet music notation, are looking for tips in MIDI programming, or need any help with something music-related.

How does it work?
  1. You pick a time

  2. You pick a topic.

  3. We meetup online and chat about it!


You can book sessions whenever you need them, whether it be once a week, once a month, or even once a year - it is entirely up to you.

Sessions take place online via Skype, Zoom, Discord or another chat method (the preference is yours).


100% pandemic-proof.

Example talk presented to the Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS), 30th October 2020

Why should I choose you?

I have been composing music for over 10 years, have a Master's Degree in Music Composition, and have worked with orchestras, performers and developers on a range of musics:

  • Contemporary Classical Music

  • Film Music

  • Video Game Music

  • Additional Material for Pop Songs

  • Sacred and Secular Choral Music

  • Musical Theatre

  • Transcriptions and Arrangements

  • And more!

What topics do you cover?

Some previous topics I've covered include:

  • General Music Theory

    • How to read music, ​harmony & chords, analysis, etc.

  • ​Instrumentation & Orchestration​

    • The instruments of the orchestra, idiomatic scoring, etc.

  • Orchestral Composition

    • How write music, melody, harmony, rhythm, meter, structure, etc.

  • Transcription

    • How to transcribe music by ear from a recording, etc.

  • ​Music Notation

    • How to notate your music (predominantly using Sibelius)

  • MIDI Programming

    • How to effectively program MIDI in a digital audio workstation (predominantly using Cubase)

  • Constructive feedback on your music

    • If you need some comments, feedback or a 2nd opinion on your work and where you could improve, etc.

  • And more!

    • Just let me know what topic you want to chat about and I'll see how I can help!

Email Feedback

Just want feedback on your music and don't need a live session?

Request a Feedback Email below and I will listen to your music and send you an extensive list of notes with feedback, comments, suggestions and ideas!

1 Feedback Email per track

(Request multiple feedback emails for multiple tracks)

Detail of Sheet Music

Software Engineer / Composer

I’ve only had one tutoring session with Jonathan (so far!) and I feel like it has been a game changer for my composing skills. Jonathan took the time to review and provide feedback on a track that I was composing at the time.

Jonathan’s feedback was to the point, combining a number of suggestions on how to improve specific parts (such as making the bass more rich by adding plucked strings, adding the third of a chord that was missing, or suggesting a reverse cymbal for transitioning to the track’s next section) while also pointing out some oddities that I most likely would have not noticed (the woodwinds were not on beat).

Jonathan is very friendly and the session felt very much like a conversation rather than a lesson. 

Finally, as I am a self taught composer, my music network is still quite small so it was great to discuss music composition with someone who understands how I feel about music composition. 

I definitely recommend Jonathan and very much look forward to doing another tutoring session with him!

Raul Image.jpg

Raúl Sangonzalo

Developer / Composer

I've been studying music with Jonathan for a long time and he has become the mentor I always needed. Not only he has answered all my questions about composition, orchestration and music, in general, but also he has given me detailed analysis and descriptions of my work that have resulted to be very helpful. Very recommended!

Per 60 Minute Session

Per Feedback Email

Tutoring Rates



How the fees are paid:

The fee for each session is paid in full after the session.

All payments are made via Credit Card or PayPal through a PayPal request, private link, or a direct bank transfer

Propose a session

I will respond to you via email within 24 hours to confirm the date, time and topic you want to discuss. Once we've both confirmed via email, the session will be booked - see you then!

What are you looking for?

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