For acoustic screen music involving short films, adverts, documentaries, logos, jingles, TV themes, and any other music for the screen.

Past Works

You can find more screen music examples here.

Commissioning Rates

As of: 1st January 2019

Most rates are by per minute of composed music and are variable depending on the size and nature of the project:

Screen Project

(1 - 6 Instr.)

Per minute


Piano and Strings

Screen Project

(7 - 12 Instr.)

Per minute


Winds and Strings

Screen Project


Per minute


Full Orchestra





Jingle / Logo

Per jingle/logo


Small Ensemble to Full Orchestra


Per minute


Small Ensemble to Full Orchestra


Per minute


Small Ensemble to Full Orchestra

For other types of screen commission, feel free to contact me!

How the fees are paid:

50% on signing the "Commissioning Agreement", 50% on delivery of the recording

All payments are made via PayPal or a direct bank transfer

What You Will Get

With each Screen Commission, you will receive:

1) A high quality audio recording of the commission as a .WAV digital file

2) An exclusive right to use the audio recording in the screen project and any promotional material

3) Regular previews of the work in progress and the option to give feedback and suggest small changes

Optional Additions

These are optional additions that are not required alongside a commission, but may be of interest

Full Score


Per minute


If you would also like a professional full score of the commission as a .PDF digital file

Sound Design


Per minute


If you would also like me to record and create a sound effects track as a .WAV digital file

Soundtrack Album

Per album


If you plan on creating a commercial soundtrack album for sale using one or more of my tracks (paid in revenue share)


A general FAQ for all commissions can be found HERE. For screen specific questions:

Do you provide any spotting sessions?

  • With all "Screen Commissions", I can provide a free spotting session to watch through the footage you'd like me to score. We can both then decide where there should and shouldn't be music. Afterwards, I can then determine the commissioning fee and draft up the "Commissioning Agreement".

Can you create the recording with real performers?

  • To some extent, I can. But the performers will need to be compensated fairly for their time, and this will increase the commissioning fee quite substantially in order to pay them. Of course, if you are able to provide your own performers, the additional fee is far lesser. If you would like to involve real performers in the recording, then let me know in the "Any other information" box on the commission form below.

I have a question that wasn't answered, how can I contact you?

  • Feel free to contact me over HERE for any further questions!

Submit a Commission

To get a quote for how much your commission will cost, fill out the form below or contact me.

I will respond to your request with a quote via email within 24 hours. If the quote is reasonable to you, I will then send you a copy of the "Commissioning Agreement" for us both to sign. After the first 50% of the commission fee is delivered, the composing shall begin!

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