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C.101 - [T] "Id (Return)" - Morisihita

Transcribed: 14th October 2016

    This transcription was heavily tied to "C.100" - check that out for some information on it. Otherwise, you can watch the transcription here below with another retroactive analysis here:



     This track acts as a preparatory theme for the climactic "Id (Purpose)" that follows immediately after. In a wonderful fashion, the track begins distorted; warped from a typical clean sound. As our character slowly begins to recover their senses, the music slowly becomes clean and normal, recovering from its own warped aesthetic.

     The material itself is closely related to "Id (Purpose)" (as expected), utilizing the fleeting semiquaver passages in the bassoons and cellos, as well as the snare drum percussive underlay that occurs throughout.

     Harmonically, the chords are sweeping added-note chords (akin to "Id (Beginnings)") that fly through various major 7th chords and 9th chords. The main difference this time is that an extra bar has been added between each "harmonic section" (e.g. 0:16, 0:25, 0:35). This reflects the "Return", almost feeling as if you are taking a breath from recovery with each added break. It truly is quite a genius piece of functional music.

Reminiscence written on 3rd June 2017

Last updated: 18th August 2019

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