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C.19 - "Theme and Variations in C Minor"

Composed: October 2012

     This is a title I have retrospectively added now, it was originally simply called "Melody in Cm". The context behind this one is to do with college; in preparation for writing our compositions as required as part of the module, we had a quick practice of writing some themes with two variations using the Sibelius software. This piece was my result of that.

     Likewise to the previous "Toccata and Fugue", the file date of this composition remains untouched and lists 18th October 2012 as the completion date, complicating the date of the Toccata and Fugue in terms of chronology.

     All of our pieces were shown to one another in front of the class, and I remember a glorious laughter erupting when the score for the final variation appeared on the projector just as the first variation was ending. It was over-the-top by far, but it is some of my earliest ensemble writing outside of straight Baroque influence. Ah, that was a fun one, regardless of its lack of idiomatic playability (which would challenge even extra-terrestrials with three hands!)

Reminiscence written on 4th June 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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