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C.21 - "String Concerto in G"

Composed: ~November to December 2012

     This was a very basic piece, inspired out of Bach’s Double Violin Concerto in D. All I can remember from writing it was that I spent many lunch hours at college scoring it. I attempted to mimic Bach’s fortspinning style and juggle the themes between each soloist so that neither seemed more virtuosic than the other.

     The first movement was originally going to end at bar 152, with a typical I – V – I cadence mirroring bars 114 – 116, but I decided to create an interruption and continue the piece a little longer as it was rather short. This similarly allowed me to return to the introductory material, inspired by sonata form, albeit a very crude and inexperienced sonata form. I only just noticed as of writing that I incorrectly placed an F-sharp and F-natural at the same time at bar 158 - whoops!

     The second movement, which I have just listened to for the first time in many years, sounds hilariously reminiscent of some cheesy film melody. There is some similarity to one of my earliest compositions – C.2 – with the cliché sequences and repetitious nature. Much to my shock, there was an augmented sixth chord at bar 63 – whether I knew this at the time I can’t recall, but it made me raise an eyebrow.

     The final movement imitates Bach’s style the closest – of course, still not that close – but in combination with a witty style that sounds almost comedic. Looking back on this one, I quite enjoy it – it is playful and energetic, the characteristics I find easiest to compose with. The soloistic triplet cadenza was fun, but it is a shame the harmonic sequence is so bland. The ending cadential pattern is very wrong, and feels far from finished.

     Nonetheless, that was my first (and probably last) concerto, and from it I learned a lot about writing for string instruments.

Reminiscence written on 11th May 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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