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C.27 - "Fantasia and Fugue in Bb Major"

Composed: ~January to February 2013

     This one I remember little of its creation. I do recall that I wrote the Fantasia with (take a guess) influence from Bach’s Fantasia in G Minor BWV 542/1, by interchanging between fast and slow sections. Of course, it is very cliché and the slow sections have many mistakes.

     The fugue is actually one I still find enjoyment within; it is quite playful and I enjoy anything with a sense of wit. Nevertheless, I believe this fugue was also written with influence from Bach’s Triosonata in E-flat major BWV 525/3, thus this fugue is in a triosonata form to some degree with its three voices supposedly interchanging themes (you can be the judge of that!). I also remember that there was actually a planned structure for this fugue, well, I say planned as in it is simply divided into four sections each of thirty bars in length and ending in B-flat major. You will quickly notice my stealing of the marvellous sequence from Bach’s BWV 525/3, as much as I am ashamed to admit, which you can see from bar 96. I use this sequence again towards the end with a climax adding a fourth voice to provide some closure.

     If I was to perform any of my own organ pieces, this was the one that was at the top of the list. Of course, it would take a long time to convince myself to learn it!

Reminiscence written on 4th June 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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