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C.29 - "Chorus No.2 - The Star will rise once more"

Composed: ~February 2013

     Quickly after "Chorus No.1", I wrote another. As I mentioned, each chorus would explore different compositional techniques. This one here explores polyphony and two choirs. The 'First Chorus' here I actually enjoy quite a lot; its opening chromatic progression works surprisingly well. It’s a shame though that the rest is still rather bland. Nevertheless, the lyrics are once more my own and I wrote this again at college during lunch hours. It is more of a ‘choir against soloists’ piece, more so than the previous "Chorus No.1".

     The ‘Second Chorus’ is quite nice with its chromaticism, although it explores a rather distant key by the end, but I still see some potential from it. The second theme from the ‘Second Chorus’ also employs a rising bass-line, which is imagery for the ‘rising star’ – oh, such originality! I do still rather enjoy this composition, far more than the previous chorus, but there are many things I would correct. I think I hear some material at b.106 that would later form a fugal subject in my "Small Fantasia and Fugue in G Minor".

     And the hymn, again using material from the 'First Chorus'. I never wrote lyrics to this one, similarly to "C.22", but judging from the title, there were 3 verses planned. There is no descant here, but there seems to be some alterations from the "Chorus" material, such as changes of the choir parts and additional organ chromaticism.

Reminiscence written on 4th June 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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