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C.3 - "Andante in A Minor"

Composed: 2011

     This was my first traditional composition, written before July 2011 as my compositional project required for GCSE Music (Year 10) which asked for a free composition. I can’t directly remember its feedback, but it was at the least above a C-grade. The score given below is the original score that I submitted and have left unedited, using the software Sibelius which would be my canvass for almost all future compositions. This was written as I was in my prime discovery of the music of J.S.Bach (first encountered in July 2009 with a performance of his Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565) and so I was obsessed with the Baroque style. In my ever so inexperienced youth, this was my first attempt at writing in the Baroque style – and, well, you can see for yourself just how pitiful that attempt was (drinking game: take a shot for every consecutive fifth you come across!).

     On the whole, it is harmonically as basic as a composition can get, but I nevertheless smile when I look back on it, remembering very well how I wrote it with supreme determination that I was a master of the Baroque (oh, the whimsical ego of youth!). I do recall that I devised certain segments, particularly the sequence of the 4th section, whilst walking home from the school, spontaneously humming to myself in my head. The sequence of which is by no means inspired from the video game 'Blue Dragon' which I was a big fan of at the time. *cough*

Reminiscence written on 6th May 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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