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C.36 - "Chorale - Dark once was thine night"

Composed: ~May to June 2013

     Another chorale in the style of Bach’s chorales as we were still studying them in our music course at college. The lyrics here are once more my own, and you can quickly see stronger connections to Bach’s chorales through the use of 'ii7b – V – I' cadential points and other cadences. Of course, it is still a far distant away from Bach’s mastery, but it is certainly at least better than my previous chorales!

     I divided the chorale into strophes and repeated each strophe with a different set of lyrics, for no reason other than to make it longer (as ashamed as I am to admit). I don't remember referencing any cantus firmus. After hearing to it again, it isn’t too bad once more, it seems these compositions are starting to become slightly more bearable. The 4th strophe starts by using material from the opening strophe, before going off on its own discourse to conclude the chorale.

     On the 5th page you can see some boxed notes I left for my future self to correct should I ever return to this score for some reason.

Reminiscence written on 4th June 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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