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C.47 - "Fugue in F Major"

Composed: ~October 2013

     Yet another fugue! – Oh this is getting tiresome! Though I suppose I do owe a lot to fugues for teaching me counterpoint (to a greater or lesser degree!)

     This one, another written during college, was originally scored for brass instruments so that I could learn how to better score for brass, but I later rescored it for string instruments as well, so it can be performed by either a brass or string quartet. I enjoy this one far more than my earlier brass fugue, "C.41", again likely because of the swift counterpoint – which, as I have said, I truly enjoy.

     Towards the end of the piece, the fugal subject moves in canon through each voice from top to bottom before concluding, which is a rather clever distribution of the subject for such an inexperienced composition. I think this might also be the first fugue where I actually retain the countersubject I first introduced – at least for some time – whereas I usually forget to reuse the countersubject alongside the fugal subject statements (as is typical of a traditional fugue). I never was good at invertible counterpoint, so perhaps that was the reason.

     Nevertheless, here are both versions of this fugue, first for brass quartet and then string quartet.

Reminiscence written on 4th June 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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