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C.50 - "Overworld Theme #1"

Composed: December 2013

     Ah, the start of my curiosity into video game music.

     This is a piece that I only just rediscovered and retroactively added to the list in October 2017. Essentially, it is an "Overworld" theme - a theme that plays when your characters are travelling around the open world map, or the "Overworld" (such as in 'Golden Sun', which was most likely the game I had in mind when writing this theme). The context as to why I wrote a theme like this was due to my older brother and our plan to create an RPG video game. And so I tested the waters as to whether or not I could write the music for it by writing this cheeky little "Overworld Theme".

     Of course, our plans never got far, but these first experiments sparked my interest into video game music (which I am still fascinated by to this day) which would lead to several other video game-related compositions further down the list. As for this piece, while it is deviously simplistic, there is a pleasant charm to it that proves it was written by an experimenting novice. I do actually like this theme somewhat; it brings back memories of early RPG themes that used limiting hardware and had to make do with about 3 musical voices, or in Golden Sun's case, about 8 voices.

     One note I will stress is that the original score for this piece was lost in its entirety. For some reason I had lost the original Sibelius file and only had a recording of the piece as a reminder that it existed. Thankfully, it was a rather simplistic piece, but what you are looking at below is my own re-transcription that I wrote in January/February 2014 using the surviving recording (which ironically I have now also lost - the recording below is from the re-transcription).

Reminiscence written on 14th October 2017

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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