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C.7 - "(Unfinished) Sol and Luna"

Composed: ~2011 to April 2012

     This is another piece that I have added to the list retroactively. This was perhaps going to be my earliest large ensemble piece, but I ultimately stopped working on this piece in April 2012 and it remains unfinished. It was going to be a two-movement work; one dealing with "Sol" (the "Sun") and the other, "Luna" (the "Moon"). "Sol" was going to be filled with brass instruments, while "Luna" was more calm and serene, utilizing softer and instruments of a twinkly timbre. While I never got around to even starting work on "Sol", I did begin sketching the opening of "Luna", which I have given below.


     I had been sketching ideas for "Luna" in two manuscript notebooks. The first, dating from 2011, gives insight into how I originally envisioned this piece - as a Baroque concerto for string nonet:

Figure 1: The earliest sketches of C.7 - "Sol and Luna", dating from 2011

C.1 - "Free" Motif

     Of course, in 2011 I was infatuated with Bach and the Baroque period, so it makes sense that I would originally conceive of this piece as a Baroque concerto. The second booklet, likely dating from late 2011/2012, contains early sketches for this piece as a symphonic work:

Figure 2: The second sketches of C.7 - "Sol and Luna", dating from 2011/2012

C.1 - "Free" Motif
C.1 - "Free" Motif

     But as deduced from the titles, these sketches were also considered as material for "C.20 - Into the Forest", which I will discuss later. Interestingly, there is a small scribbling of the word "atonal" at the top left corner of the first figure 2 image, although the sketches clearly are not atonal. Regardless, neither of the materials contained within these booklets made it into the unfinished sketch below.

     I may have been working on this piece at the same time as "C.25 -The Night of the Red Moon" which you will read about later on (and is equally as cheesy), but it was at this time that I was also working on a completely separate related project - a Minecraft story of the same name, "Sol and Luna". For your amusement, here is a previously unreleased trailer I had prepared for this Minecraft story. Pretty much everything else about the project is lost, but at least this comedic gold survives. The music I had accompanying the trailer was going to be this piece once I finished it, but as a temporary stand-in, I used the theme from "Monster Hunter Triwhich I will replace here with my own version that I created for a later transcription (forgive me, Yuko Komiyama).

Figure 3: A high-budget trailer finished on 28 August 2011 for my Minecraft map "Sol and Luna"
The C List

The C List

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     Thankfully, that project never came to fruition (even though I worked on it tirelessly during my summer of 2012 knowing that it was going to be the greatest Minecraft story ever told! *cough*). Regardless, that is the origin for the name of this composition. So finally, here is the only material I ever wrote - "Luna (Lento in A)".

Reminiscence written on 13h October 2017

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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