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C.73 - "Postcard Composition"

Composed: 19th February 2015

     This little piece was our first task for the 'Composition 1' module during my first year at the University Surrey. We were given a postcard and were instructed to write our contact details and instrumental ability on them. Then we shuffled them around the class, and we were tasked with writing a composition for the instrument and person whose postcard we were given. A small catch – the composition had to be written entirely on that postcard, through whatever means we sought.

     I took a terribly traditional approach and simply drew up some manuscript paper on the postcard and asked for my match (a French horn player) to perform it from that. I was given a little piano piece to play for my other match, which went rather well. We recorded the piece in a practice room at the "Performing Arts Technology Studios" (PATS).


      All in all, a very little piece that I didn’t even consider adding to this list until much later.

Figure 1a: The front of the postcard with the person's instrument and contact info (blurred out, obviously)

Reminiscence written on 5th June 2017

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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