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C.83 - "Tavern Theme #1"

Composed: July to 1st August 2015

     Another video game theme which I wrote during my trip to Florida in the summer of 2015. Its function would be to accompany a tavern full of drunken, cheerful folk, and as such the music is a little unpredictable and tipsy. It’s a rather fun little piece, with a chromatic descending motif directly influenced by the score of "Wreck-it Ralph", which had become one of my favourite Disney films at the time.

     Owing to the tipsy nature of the piece, it has a rather odd AAB structure, with the first 45 seconds repeating, suggesting that these 45 seconds make up the entire piece – but wait! – just as some drunkard unexpectedly stumbles around, a new section randomly emerges at 1:30, sounding eerily reminiscent of Steve Jablonsky's music from "The Sims 3".

    The bassoon was an obvious choice for comedic effect, accompanied by pizzicato strings and bongo drums (which take off during the ‘B’ section!). In short, a playful little theme.

     In 2019, I re-purposed this composition into a video track for my music library, "RPG Orchestral Essentials", giving it a proper title - "Spinning Tavern".

Reminiscence written on 17th January 2018

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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