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C.85 - "Metric Deception and Modulation"

Composed: 11th October 2015

     I was debating about whether or not this little piece actually merits being given a ‘C’ number, as it was nothing more than a small university task exploring new techniques we were learning in the 'Composition 2A' module (I was now in my 2nd year of university). However, as I did include the previous (and glorious) task, "C.75 - This is just to say", and because the techniques used here become far more prevalent in a later piece I wrote, I will include this here.

    This piece explores two particular techniques, as deciphered, with great exhaustion, to be ‘metric deception’ (tricking the listener into believing the piece has a certain downbeat) and ‘metric modulation’ (effectively two different tempos at once) which we had just explored in class. The piece itself is very bland, and gets out of control when the metric modulation occurs, before ending with my typical cheese. I did make a quick recording of it, but other than that, there is nothing else worth mentioning.

Reminiscence written on 20th July 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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