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C.93 - "Prince of Egypt" Overture

Arranged: 11th to 17th January 2016

     Now well into the New Year, this was one of my coursework submissions to a semester 1 module 'Orchestration and Arrangement'. We had a choice of three tasks for the coursework; arranging a pop song from a recording, arranging a musical theatre number from a vocal score, or writing an overture to a musical. This latter option caught my eye the most.

     The biggest issue was deciding which musical to write an overture to. Ultimately, I concluded on writing an overture to either "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame" by Disney, or "The Prince of Egypt" by Dreamworks. Well, from the title you can tell which one I went with, but I would have enjoyed doing either.

     This coursework was both a transcription task and an arrangement task. Foremost I bought the soundtrack for the film and did some transcriptions of the songs I was planning to include in the overture; “When You Believe”, “Deliver Us”, “Through Heaven’s Eyes”, “All I Ever Wanted” and “The Plagues”. After discovering that many of the songs were in the same key, I was in a spot of trouble as to how I was going to modulate (a requirement for the coursework), which is one of the reasons the overture sounds rather awkward with regard to its modulations and keys.

     Nevertheless, even though the expected length should not exceed 5 minutes, I exceeded it marginally just to fit in a return to the opening song “When You Believe”. Unfortunately, there is no commentary to go alongside this one, as the coursework only required a musical director’s score to be submitted. Though, there is little to analyze regardless. The overture received 75%.

Reminiscence written on 22nd July 2016

Last updated: 13th August 2019

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