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Transcribing music by ear to produce sheet music scores of various existing tracks.

Previous Transcriptions

You can find more transcription examples here.

Commissioning Rates

As of: 1st July 2022

Rates are by per minute of music needing to be transcribed and are variable depending on the size and nature of the project:

Solo Instrument

Per minute


Tracks for one instrument only (e.g. solo piano)

Small Ensemble

Per minute


Tracks between 2 - 4 instruments.

Medium Ensemble

Per minute


Tracks between 5 - 8 instruments.

Large Ensemble

Per minute


Tracks between 9 - 12 instruments.


Per minute


Tracks above 12 instruments, or using an orchestra.






For other categories of transcription, feel free to contact me!

How the fees are paid:

The fee for each commission is paid in full once you are satisfied with the final score/recording.

All payments are made via Credit Card or PayPal through a private link, or a direct bank transfer

What You Will Get

With each Transcription Commission, you will receive:

1) The full score of the completed transcription as a .PDF digital file

2) A .SIB editable file for use in the sheet music software, Sibelius 7.5

3) An .XML editable file for use in other sheet music software

4) A .MIDI file for use in digital audio workstations and other software to create recordings

5) A rough audio recording of the commission as a .WAV digital file (or other audio format)

"New Horizons Main Theme"Totaka (et al.), arr. JShaw
00:00 / 01:03
Optional Additions

These are optional additions that are not required alongside a commission, but may be of interest

Part Scores



Per part


If you would also like individual instrument part scores of the commission as .PDF digital files

High Quality Recording


Per commission


For a higher quality backing recording with hand-picked samples. Increases the commissioning fees.

Rough Recording

High Quality Recording







For obvious legal reasons, in order to commission a transcription, you must either:

1. Have written permission from the original composer(s) / publisher(s) / copyright owner(s) of the track you want to be transcribed​


2. Only intend to use the completed transcription for entirely non-commercial purposes (e.g. you will not be selling the score(s) or performing the track during any form of paid concert performance)

Further, I will not transcribe a piece of music that already has an existing official published score available for purchase. If one is already available, please consider buying that instead and supporting the original creator(s).


A general FAQ for all commissions can be found HERE. For transcription specific questions:

Why can't I use the finished commission for commercial purposes?

  • Copyright in a nutshell: if you don't have written permission from the original composer(s), publisher(s) or owner(s), then legally you are not allowed to profit off of their work.

How long does the transcription take?

  • It varies depending on the size and complexity of the track you want to be transcribed, as well as what other projects I am currently undertaking, but to estimate:

    • Solo Instrument --> 1-2 days​

    • Small Ensemble --> 2-3 days

    • Medium Ensemble --> 3-4 days

    • Large Ensemble --> 4-5 days

    • Orchestra --> 5+ days

  • If you also require a high quality recording, the time to complete the transcription will be increased by roughly 2x

What do you do with the finished transcription?

  • If it is a video game track, I will likely publish the finished commission at a later date to my YouTube channel and for officially licensed sale on Musicnotes.

  • If it is something else, most likely nothing.

I have a question that wasn't answered, how can I contact you?

  • Feel free to contact me over HERE for any further questions!

Ask about a Commission

To get a quote for how much your commission will cost, fill out the form below or contact me.

I will respond to your request with a quote via email within 24 hours.

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