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A massive bundle that includes both volumes of the "44.1 General Library" series at a discounted price! This includes:

1) 44.1 General Library - Volume I (1,000 sounds) 
2) 44.1 General Library - Volume II (1,000 sounds) 

For a grand total of 2,000 general sound effects (3.74GB) for only £39.99 (originally ~£50 if bought separately), all royalty-free and attribution-free! All of the sounds are formatted at 44.1kHz and 16/24-bit depth stereo (varying for each sound; do check the sound lists below!)

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What's Included?
44.1 Library - Volume I
00:00 / 04:11
1,000 sounds (1.77GB) of general sound effects, including ambiences, airplanes, animals, footsteps, spaceships and more!
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Volume I:

  • 75+ Seamless Loops

  • 8-bit: Explosions, Hits, Lasers, Power Up

  • Airplanes: A380, B777-300, CRJ900, Fly-bys

  • Ambiences: Wildlife (Day and Night), Crowds, Insects, Vehicles, etc.

  • Animals: Birds, Dogs, Cats, Horses

  • Doors: Squeaks, Shuts, Opens, Handle Movements

  • Farting

  • Footsteps: Concrete, Glass, Grass, Ice, Leaves, Snow, Stone, Stones, Twigs

  • Musical: Organ, Piano, Guitar, Hand Bells, Music Box

  • Objects: Printer, Pressure Washer, Washing Machine

  • Sci-Fi Spaceship Fly-bys

  • Vehicles: Cars, Drones

  • UI (Synthesized)

  • Wooden Destruction

  • Many, many more! (See the sound list below)

44.1 Library - Volume II
00:00 / 04:21
1,000 sounds (2.06GB) of general sound effects, including ambiences, trains, water, weather, whooshes and more!

Volume II:

  • 85+ Seamless Loops

  • Ambiences: Deep Abysses, Train Stations, Seaside Waves, etc.

  • Camera: Shutter Clicks, Flash Lifts and Falls

  • Dialogue: A creepy, deep male voice

  • Fireworks

  • Ice: Impacts (Small, Moderate, Large), Gathering

  • Roller Coasters: Full Rides, Chain Hill Lift, Screaming

  • Screaming: Crowds and Roller Coasters

  • Toilet Flushing

  • Trains: Arriving, Leaving, Passing, Idling, Doors, Clip-Clop

  • UI: Dialogue Text Scrolling

  • Vacuum Cleaner Hoovers

  • Vinyl Record: Glitching, Needle On and Off

  • Water: Streams, Bubbling, Swirling, Splashing

  • Weather: Rain, Hail, Wind, Thunder

  • Whooshing

  • Many, many more! (See the sound list below)

20% off - £39.99!

(originally ~£50 if bought separately)


For mobile users, the library can be purchased HERE.

Alternatively, you can revisit this page on a computer to purchase the library directly on this page.





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303 mins



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"High quality, well made FX. One of the best I've encountered."

12th June 2019

Nakia T Hamilton

"The quality of these sounds for this price is unbelievable."

29th June 2020


"Sounds good, and includes some very useful sounds; I specially liked the footsteps."

5th May 2020


"Incredibly useful sound pack."

1st November 2020

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