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By purchasing one of these libraries you are accepting the End-User License Agreement

License Only
£9.99 / $12.49
  • A PDF license to use all of InspectorJ's uploads on without the need to give attribution / credit!

License (+ 1,000 SFX!)
£19.99 / $24.99
  • A PDF license to use all of InspectorJ's uploads on without the need to give attribution / credit!​

  • 1,000 high-quality general SFX (less than 2p per sound!)

    • Including 720 unreleased SFX not available on (sound list & specs below!)

2 Versions!
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Jayson Minagawa

"Easily the best soundpack available. Thanks so much for all these VERY high quality sounds. Looking forward to more releases!"

30th October 2019


"Wow! Amazing sounds! Trying out the free samples now but definitely going to check out the paid fx bundles too!"

29th January 2020


"This library has great sounds!"

15th April 2020


"Awesome library, very useful."

27th April 2020

Amanda Emily

"InspectorJ has a great variety of sounds to choose from! I mean a fantastic amount! As an educator, I use these sounds to create listening and responding resources in my learning environment for children between the ages 3 to 9 years old. I'm very happy to find this seller! I can't wait to upload a post to share all the awesome sounds he creates! Also used these sounds for my son on his spectrum! He loves the mechanical sounds! Kept him calm and able to focus - now he wants more! So much better than any pill! Sound Therapy!"

10th June 2020

Library Specs
  • 2.73 GB (Download Size)

  • 3.22 GB (Uncompressed Size)

  • 1,000 WAV files

  • ​44.1 kHz

  • 16 / 24-bit depth (see the Sound List below)

  • ​Mono / Stereo (see the Sound List below)

  • 269 minutes of audio

  • No metadata included

  • Includes PDF license

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Sound List
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