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C.107 - "Ave Verum Corpus" (Wrath of the Abyss)

Composed: 6th December 2016

     This was the 2nd chanting track I created for an indie video game “Wrath of the Abyss”. Where the first track utilized the “Dies Irae” chant, this one instead used the “Ave Verum Corpus” chant.

     Akin to the first chant, “C.106”, this track combined my own singing with that of the EastWest Choir with WordBuilder, alongside an organ pedal and some periodic tubular bells. The result is as successful as the first one; it gets the job done, but not in a very realistic manner.

      Ultimately, the game never made it to completion, so perhaps I should release this on Freesound or elsewhere so that they don’t go to waste!

Reminiscence written on 28th July 2019

Last updated: 19th August 2019

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