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C.109 -  ""Her" Theme #1"

Composed: 27th December 2016
Coming Soon!

     This was a little piece that was born out of the earlier “C.103 – Boss Theme #1”. It is a reworking of the main theme from that earlier piece – a leitmotif that I intended to scatter throughout a video game if I ever got around to creating it which would represent “her” (yeah, I have not yet designed the character). This version of the leitmotif, with the harp being the most prominent instrument, would be the purest version of the leitmotif, possibly even being performed by “her” herself during her introduction (…hmm, words…).

     I submitted this as part of my 'Composition 3A' portfolio (alongside “Boss Theme #1”) to act as a sort of ‘Aural Preparation’ of sorts for the “Boss Theme #1” in an attempt to trigger the frisson effect once the leitmotif appears again. Of course, this would be far easier to achieve in a video game itself, where the tracks are on loop constantly, but I have yet to create it!

     Here is the appendix from the commentary of 'Composition 3A' in which I briefly discuss this piece:

Appendix B – Aural Preparation

     This little piece is something I’ve quickly written up and attached here to help demonstrate the frisson effect by varying a particular motif (fig.22) before you listen to its appearance in the ‘Boss Theme #1’.

Figure 22: The Recurring Motif

C.109 - Figure 22 - Her Theme.png

     Yeah, perhaps “brief” was too short a word. Nevertheless, the recording I submitted within this portfolio was slightly changed a few days after submitting, in which I added organ lieblich gedackt sustained chords on a B-flat major seventh as well as wind chime samples I recorded at the same location.

     This theme is titled “#1” as I intend (as of writing!) to conjure up more versions of this leitmotif, which I certainly will if I ever get motivated enough to finally create this video game.

Reminiscence written on 3rd June 2017

Last updated: 19th August 2019

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