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C.59 - "Village Theme #3"

Composed: ~July to August 2014

     Aaaand it's another "Village Theme"! Whereas the two predecessors were rather simple and repetitive, this one is a little less simple and a little less repetitive. This theme might just have enough variation to not drive someone insane, and I do quite enjoy it upon listening to it after some years. There is a suitable amount of variety between the instruments, with the melodies swapping between the flute, oboe and violins. And the initial motif in the violins doesn't repeat for the entire piece, instead leading to a pleasant sequence of fifths that was probably an influence of Bach once more.

     I do recall that I had originally scored for the cello to play a low B-flat in bar 14 (one tone below the traditional limit of the cello) but I later moved this B-flat up an octave so that it could be performed by a live performer. Perhaps the reason I did this was also because I had recently purchased my first sample libraries in November 2014 – 'EastWest Complete Composers Collection 2' – which did well to exhaust my newfound student loan. But I'll talk more about that with the next piece.

     In 2019, I re-purposed this composition into a video track for my music library, "RPG Orchestral Essentials", giving it a proper title - "In Tranquil Spring".

Reminiscence written on 19th July 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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