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C.58 - "Village Theme #2"

Composed: ~July 2014

     Following straight after "C.57 Village Theme #1I wrote another with the incredibly creative title, "Village Theme #2"! This follows much in the same vain as "C.57"  – it is a piece intended to be looping while a character is exploring a village. This piece in particular drew heavy influences from a particular theme from 'Golden Sun'  – "Happy Towns– which was also written in a 5/4 time signature.

     At just over 40 seconds long, this one is a little more interesting (and less likely to drive someone mad), though it is just as repetitive as the previous theme. Although the score bears the title "Village Theme #1", I wrote it after "C.57" which is the true "Village Theme #1". It seems I never went back to adjust the titles as I never produced a more professional 'Print' score.

Reminiscence written on 19th July 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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