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C.57 - "Village Theme #1"

Composed: ~June to July 2014

     Ah yes, the video game themes. After experimenting with video game music foremost with "C.50", I played around with writing a few more little themes. The first experiments were "Village" themes. These were pieces that would play while your character is exploring a village, and I drew (once more) on the village themes from 'Golden Sun' for inspiration, such as the iconic "Vale"

     This theme was just as simplistic as "C.50"; it uses a recurring motif in the winds throughout, accompanied by incredibly static pizzicato strings and a cello for support. At just over 30 seconds long, it isn't an entirely successful piece, and I am certain it would drive people mad after hearing it on loop forever and ever and ever...

     The title on the original score is intriguing "Overture". It seems that this piece was originally going to be an experiment for a video game overture (one that might play at the title screen), but it turned into a village theme by its completion. As I was writing it using the 'Panorama' view in Sibelius, I never realized that I had given the piece a title and thus never changed it once it was complete. Nevertheless, there is another video game piece that I intended to become an "Overture" which you will read about shortly!

Reminiscence written on 19th July 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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