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C.62 - "Heat Theme #1"

Composed: ~July to August 2014

     Going from one extreme to the other, the next video game theme was a "Heat Theme". This was going to accompany a desert landscape of some sort. By now, you can probably see a pattern in the structure of these video game themes; 4 bars of exposition material, then repeat these 4 bars with a melody on top, then return to the opening 4 bars but louder, followed perhaps by 8 bars of development before repeating, all with a pedal of some sort. Or something similar!

      Drums are particularly prevalent in this theme, which I used to convey the immense scale of the deserts and the intense trudging that player characters must endure when exploring them. You will notice that the tom-tom part, wherever it appears, is usually a mirror of itself. For example, this mirroring appears in bars 5-6. There is no true reason for this other than to provide variety from the unusual stresses this mirroring creates.

     In 2019, I re-purposed this composition into a video track for my music library, "RPG Orchestral Essentials", giving it a proper title - "Heated Lands".

Reminiscence written on 19th July 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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