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C.64 - "(Unfinished) Opening Fanfare"

Composed: ~June to September 2014

     I began writing this piece before "Village Theme #1", likely in June 2014 as I recall working on the first few sections while at college. The reason I am placing it in this last after "Village Theme #1" is because I continued working on it until around September.

     Effectively, it is an "Overture" (likely started around the same time as "C.57" which originally bore the title "Overture") in a similar vain as a musical overture – a series of musical themes stitched together to give an overview of the musical content that is to come. Although the title I used was "Opening Fanfare", it is probably more appropriate for the title to simply be "Overture". It was intended to appear during the title sequence or main menu of a video game, but I never completed it. I'm not certain as to why I stopped working on it except that it coincided with the beginning of my University years, and perhaps that took up most of my time.

     Several of the themes that I originally composed for this piece were eventually expanded into complete video game themes of their own: the 'Chase' segment eventually became "Battle Theme #1" (one of my favourites) , and the 'Loss' segment became a little more optimistic as "Sad Theme #1", both of which I shall talk about later. So there was some benefit gained from this piece regardless of it being incomplete. I did attempt at making an expanded version of the 'Suspense' segment, but I never got far with that and it was left even more incomplete than this piece.

     The opening segment 'Fanfare' was intended to be the main motif for a video game and I tried creating alternate variations of it, but I eventually set this motif aside in favour of a new main motif that I will also talk about much later. As this piece was incomplete, I never created a higher quality recording.

Reminiscence written on 19th July 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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