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C.69 - "Hostile Theme #1"

Composed: November 2014

     One of my few early compositions on which I actually wrote the date when I finished it – 26th November 2014 – this piece was written to accompany an area of hostility in a video game, whether it be a dungeon, or a cave of monsters, so on and so forth. The idea to write a "Hostility Theme" came from when I was playing the much loved video game, 'Dragon Quest IX'  and came across this unnerving track. From then on I wanted to have an attempt at creating my own unnerving theme, and this is the result. Even though I wasn't sure whether the game I was planning would involve hostile areas, I wrote a theme for it nonetheless.

     It is a very repetitive theme – it repeats the same figure throughout – and also very simple, probably veering on the side of 'insanity-inducing' much like some of my earlier "Village Themes". I was writing a second "Hostile Theme" (one which I still add to from time to time, so it is hovering between becoming incomplete and complete), but have yet to finish it.

Reminiscence written on 19th July 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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