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C.68 - "Fugue in A Major"

Composed: ~June to November 2014

     Oh yeah – I forgot about fugues.


    I believe I started this one whilst at college, following my favourite "Fugue in G Minor". However, this was completed after college, and I remember struggling to complete it (hence why it is so short – I ended it far too early). You can note my signature motif (as it appears in "C.55") occurs a few times throughout. Likewise to how I wanted to write four fugues for a woodwind ensemble, I wanted to write four fugues for a string ensemble as well. Where the "Fugue in G Minor" started with the 1st violin, this one starts with the cello. I never got around to writing the two remaining fugues, one starting in the 2nd violin, and the other in the viola. Similarly to "C.55", I also created a vocal arrangement of this piece.

     Looking at the title on the score – "Small Fugue in A Major" – it seems that the "Small" descriptor did not make it into the final title. This is likely as I did not have another fugue in the key of A, and so the "Small" descriptor would be redundant.

Reminiscence written on 19th July 2016

Last updated: 20th October 2018

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