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C.97 - "Calm Synthesizer A"

Composed: 31st May 2016

   Taking a small detour from acoustic composition, this little track here was my first exploration of electronic music using synthesizers.

     After being introduced to synthesizers in my first year at University, mainly through “Reaktor” (probably not the greatest choice for a beginner!), I decided to pick up a synthesizer to experiment further. The one I decided on was Native Instrument’s “Massive”.

     After fiddling around with some parameters and presets, I loaded up my workstation and messed around with playing a very generic harmonic progression:

  • C major 7th

  • G major sus 4

  • A minor sus 9

  • F major sus 11

     The result can be found (and downloaded!) on my Freesound account.

     I was very pleased with the result (even though it was incredibly basic) as it was my first dive into synthesizers, and have since heard it used in a bunch of songs, videos and other projects across the world from people downloading it over on Freesound.

Reminiscence written on 27th July 2016

Last updated: 18th August 2019

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