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C.98 - "Ambience, Peaceful Synth"

Composed: 26th August 2016

     This track takes the previous “C.97 – Calm Synthesizer A” and stretches it out significantly.

     I had recently downloaded an excellent piece of software – “Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch”, or “Paulstretch” as it may be more commonly known. This software takes a sound file and stretches it out. Simple enough! When using this in combination field recordings, the results can sometimes be quite jarring, but when using it in combination with a synthesized music track, the result turned out to be quite gorgeous and relaxing.

     Likewise to the previous track, I threw it up on Freesound for others to use, and the response has been rather welcoming. Again, I have heard it being used in several projects across the world.

Reminiscence written on 27th July 2016

Last updated: 18th August 2019

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