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C.99 - "Calm Synthesizer B"

Composed: 2nd October 2016

     After my first foray into synthesizers with “C.97 – Calm Synthesizer, A”, I later decided to create another little track, this time by creating my own textures rather than manipulating presets. This result can also be heard (and downloaded again) on Freesound.

     Akin to the first track ("C.97"), this one follows a similarly simple progression, with perhaps even simpler textures (mainly just sine waves!):

  • A minor

  • C major 7

  • F major 7

  • F major add 7

  • A minor

  • E minor add 6

  • F major 7

  • D minor 9 add 13

     A very simple, but rather gorgeous progression!

Reminiscence written on 27th July 2016

Last updated: 18th August 2019

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