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Essentials 01

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150 Thunder SFX
£14.99 // $19.99
What is the Essentials series?

Low-price. High-quality. Essential.


The Essentials series is a collection of sound effects libraries developed to be accessible and affordable whilst maintaining the utmost quality.

Each volume is tailored to a specific category of SFX and was recorded at a 96kHz sample rate / 24-bit depth, doubling the sound design potential.

All Essentials libraries use specially curated sounds hand-picked from the popular 96 General Library.

Included in the 96 General Bundle

Get Every Essentials Library + More!

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Library Specs
  • 1.70 GB (Download Size)

  • 1.92 GB (Uncompressed Size)

  • 150 WAV files

  • ​96 kHz

  • 24-bit depth

  • Stereo

  • 59 minutes of audio

  • UCS-Compatible Soundminer metadata included

  • Includes PDF license

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Sound List


"After surveying the web for good thunderclaps and rumblings at different distances, I really thought I would have to spend a fortune as all the sounds libraries I found fitting my needs were priced at hundreds of euros.


I then gave Unity's assets a try. I wasn't expecting to find anything suitable but after looking through all the expected low-quality-thunder-related sound packs recorded with unwanted heavy background noise/rain, I came across this library.


This one is simply stunning! Top-notch quality with dozens of clean thunder sounds at different ranges, and even those that contain rain can be easily fixed by killing off the high frequencies. This pack just saved me an absurd amount of money; it is a complete bargain! The author really knows what he is doing and knows exactly how a dynamic weather system should be implemented.


This is an absolute must-have for anyone who wishes to recreate a weather system with immersive thunder sounds.


More sustainable power to you!"

7th October 2021

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