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By purchasing one of these libraries you are accepting the End-User License Agreement

7,000 General SFX
(+100 Bonus 44.1kHz SFX!)
50% Off!
(Get 3+ Volumes for Free!)
What's included?
96 Library - Volume I - Logo 01 JPG (275x275).jpg
96 Library - Volume II - Logo 01 JPG (275x275).jpg
96 Library - Volume III - Logo 01 JPG (275x275).jpg
96 Library - Volume IV - Logo 01 JPG (275x275).jpg
96 Library - Volume V - Logo 01 (275x275) JPG.jpg
96 Library - Volume VI - Logo 01 (275x275) JPG.jpg
96 Library - Volume VII - Logo 01 (275x275) JPG.jpg

50% off - £139.99!

(originally ~£280 if bought separately)

Buy Now!


Due to the sheer size of the library (30+ GB), you will receive unique 100% discount codes for each separate volume immediately upon purchase with instructions on how to redeem them. This is to assist in the downloading of large files (4+ GB per volume)

Library Specs
  • 28.7 GB (Download Size)

  • 31.5 GB (Uncompressed Size)

  • 1,000 WAV files

  • ​96 kHz

  • 24-bit depth

  • Stereo

  • 964 minutes / 16 hours of audio

  • UCS-Compatible Soundminer metadata included

  • Includes PDF license

Have a question? Contact me!

Sound List

James G. Robertson

"There are a plethora of sounds in this bundle. I'm just getting into them but I'm quite excited to see how I can use them to bring my full cast audiobook The Ripper to life!"

1st April 2021


"This bundle is filled to the brim with every kind of sound you need for whatever project you have in the works. Not only are the sounds plentiful, but they are high-quality and you can sense the care and passion that went in every ounce of it. Phenomenal stuff!"

8th June 2021


"Insane value. I mean... there's just so much here. Even if you hate half of them you still have thousands of SFX to choose from. You literally can't go wrong."

11th March 2022

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