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Essentials 14

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150 Dust SFX
£7.49 // $9.99
What is the Essentials series?

Low-price. High-quality. Essential.


The Essentials series is a collection of sound effects libraries developed to be accessible and affordable whilst maintaining the utmost quality.

Each volume is tailored to a specific category of SFX and was recorded at a 96kHz sample rate / 24-bit depth, doubling the sound design potential.

All Essentials libraries use specially curated sounds hand-picked from the popular 96 General Library.

Included in the 96 General Bundle

Get Every Essentials Library + More!

96 Library - Bundle - Logo 01 JPG (700x700) COMP.jpg
Library Specs
  • 0.52 GB (Download Size)

  • 0.59 GB (Uncompressed Size)

  • 150 WAV files

  • ​96 kHz

  • 24-bit depth

  • Stereo

  • 17 minutes of audio

  • UCS-Compatible Soundminer metadata included

  • Includes PDF license

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Sound List

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