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"RPG Orchestral Essentials (Legacy)" is the original version of the library, released as free MP3s under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License, or as higher quality WAVs & OGGs. The entire "Legacy" library is included in the "Reborn" sequel library, along with fully remastered tracks.

.MP3 Attribution

The free .MP3 version of this library is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.


If you use the free library in your project, you must give attribution (e.g. in the credits list).

A lot of blood, sweat and English tea went into creating these tracks, so do please respect the attribution!


Please copy and paste this into your game's credits list (or similar as appropriate):


"[Track Title #1]"

"[Track Title #2]"

"[Track Title #3]"

"[... Etc.]"

Composed by Jonathan Shaw


The paid .WAV & .OGG version uses a separate EULA, and does not require attribution.

Though I would deeply appreciate it.


Ahoy there, mobile user!

You can find the free .MP3s HERE. Or for other purchase options, please revisit this page on a desktop, laptop or other PC to reveal other purchase methods, if needed!

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Want custom music for your game?

README & Loop Data & Track List


"I'm always reluctant to purchase music packs as it can be very hit-or-miss. Some have great compositions but the instruments sound very fake and have little to no dynamics added. Others try to do too much and end up sounding like a bit of a mess.


I'm not even sure why I clicked this pack to begin with but I instantly fell in love. The main theme is catchy, has a great orchestral sound with an epic choir. It's beautiful and instantly brought to mind an epic tactical RPG style game. The rest of the songs follow themes such as fire, earth water, sadness etc. Each of these are memorable and most importantly they fit together perfectly.

One thing to note is that the main theme does sound better than the rest of the tracks to my ears, in terms of the instrument quality, but even so the rest of the tracks sound brilliant. There's a newer version of this pack which seems to up the quality of all tracks which is perfect.


Can't recommend this pack enough!"

2nd August 2020

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