UPDATED: "2017 Bundle"

Good news! Now that I know I can upload libraries over 2GB with minimal risk of download interruptions, I've gone back and updated the "2017 Bundle" to include "InspectorJ's Freesound Library" as well. That's 1,000 extra quality sounds for only a £5 increase to the price! -"2017 Library" (3,602 sounds, 2.45GB) - Read more! A bundle that includes 6 sound effects libraries that I created in 2017, which are: 1) Piano, Mallet Strikes (463 sounds) 2) Piano, Mallet FX (509 sounds) 3) Wooden Fence, Destruction (519 sounds) 4) InspectorJ's Freesound Library (1,000 sounds) 5) Hidden Voices: Bodyboard (1,000 sounds) 6) Toilet Flush (111 sounds) This gives you a grand total of 3,602 sound effects (2.45

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